We do this all the things with the help our highly effective team we have a great team which can work for our customer and help them to give them the best solution that is possible and that’s the reason we get the success. 



is the homegrown lifestyle brand that has truly worked for creating things that leave their mark for a long time; is about creating a product range that can leave their impact on a user's mind for a long duration or maybe for an eternity.



We are the strong believer of "Quality is always in trend". At , much attention is paid to the provenance of our raw materials, especially our fabrics. We work with only a handful of suppliers across the world, to bring you only the best quality Egyptian cotton, Giza cotton and Premium cotton.

In order to keep our garments perfect and impeccable after several washes and ironing, the stitching density is maintained at a level of 16 stitches per inch (SPI) using world’s top quality sewing threads and best of breed Japanese sewing Machines.

To match the exclusive feel of our fabric, each shirt is outfitted with genuine mother of pearl buttons. Hand carved from stunning mother of pearl, these are truly the most luxurious buttons a shirt can possess, bringing an extra layer of lustre to each garment.